scia Batch 350

The scia Batch 350 is designed for homogeneous biocompatible coatings of various 3-dimensional-shaped substrates in one batch. Its stable and reproducible process meets the high quality standards for treatment of medical objects.


The scia Batch 350 uses an RF parallel plate arrangement with rotation of each substrate for a homogeneous coating of all sides. The system is also available with an additional DC bias applied to the substrate holder.

scia Batch 350


3-dimensional barrier coating of biocompatible films for medical implants (pacemakers, stents)

Stent for vascular intervention, PRO-Kinetic Energy © BIOTRONIK

Features and Benefits:

  • Carrier loading system that allows for batch coating of various 3D substrate sizes
  • Two independent RF electrodes for high throughput
  • Homogeneous “all-around coating” by individual rotation of each substrate
  • Superior barrier performance and fully cohesive film, also during mechanical deformation
  • Combination of in-situ heating, plasma pre-treatment and PECVD coating
  • Flexible gas and RF parameters

Technical Specifications:

Substrate sizeCarrier size up to 350 mm x 240 mm
Individual sizes loaded on 2 carriers
Substrate carrierWater-cooled, pulsed DC bias (2 kV, 400 mA)
Plasma sourceRF parallel plate arrangement, 13.56 MHz
Power supplyRF power
Max: 2 x 600 W
Electrode setup and modesTemperature: heating up to 400 °C
Distance: adjustable between 50 mm and 150 mm
Modes: Independent or coupled
Typical deposition rateSiC: 5 nm/min
Base pressure< 5 x 10-7 mbar
System dimension (W x D x H)0.90m x 1.70m x 2.10m
(without electrical rack and pumps)
ConfigurationsSingle chamber with manual loading in batches
Software interfacesSECS II / GEM, OPC