scia Trim 200

The scia Trim 200 is designed for high precision film thickness trimming without being constrained by film and wafer material limitations.

Typical applications of the system are frequency and thickness trimming of acousto-electrical devices and filters such as bulk acoustic wave (BAW) or surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, localized pole trimming for thin film heads (TFH) and trimming of precision thin film resistors.

The scia Trim 200 is a high volume production system and accommodates a standard semiconductor cassette handling robot. Cluster tools with two process chambers and two cassette load-locks are available.

Trim 200 in a double VCE and two process chamber configuration.


  • Focused broad ion beam scans across wafer surface
  • Amount of local material removal is controlled by adjusting the dwell time
  • Vertical setup allows for low contamination
Inert gas (i.e. Ar) focused ion beam trim processing

Features and Benefits:

  • Yield improvement
  • Ability to tune atomic level (0.1nm) film thickness homogeneity
  • Sub-nanometer min-removal point with zero base etch (ZBE) function
  • Etch unconstrained by wafer and film material
  • Throughput and maintenance optimized for low production costs
  • Helium backside cooling with water
    • Allows for processing with photoresist with adequate wafer cooling
  • Option for electrostatic chuck (ESC) to eliminate edge exclusion zone
Avg Thick Pre: 365.3nm ± 3.0nm
Avg. Thick Post: 345.0nm ± 0.13nm


  • Frequency trimming of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) or surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters
  • Thickness trimming of silicon on insulator (SOI), quartz, lithium tantalate (LT) or lithium niobate (LN) wafers
  • Film thickness error or step height correction in thin film head (TFH) manufacturing
  • Dimensional correction in manufacturing of MEMS components
  • Form error correction for X-ray mirrors

Technical Specifications:

Substrate sizeup to 200mm
Substrate holderWater-cooled, helium backside cooling contact
Axes motorMaximum velocity 0.5 m/s
Maximum acceleration 15 m/s²
Ion beam source37 mm circular RF source (RF37-i) with 7-15mm (FWHM)
80mm circular RF source (RF80-i) with 12-20mm (FWHM)
NeutralizerHot filament neutralizer (N-Fil)
DC plasma bridge neutralizer (N-DC)
RF plasma bridge neutralizer (N-RF)
Typical removal rateSiO2:
RF37-i ~ 6 x 10-3 mm3/s
RF80-i ~ 11 x 10-3 mm3/s
Film variation after trimming< 0.5 nm RMS (dependent on input quality)
Wafer throughput15 Wafers/hr (50nm Si on 150mm wafer)
Base pressure< 1 x 10-6 mbar
System dimension (W x D x H)2.80 m x 1.40 m x 2.20 m
Single chamber with cassette handler
(without electrical rack and pumps)
ConfigurationsSingle chamber with single substrate lock lock or cassette handler
Cluster system with 2 process chambers and cassette handling
Software interfacesSECS II / GEM, OPC