scia Inline 400

The scia Inline 400 was a custom designed tool for shaping the edges of high-quality blades using ion beam etching and magnetron sputtering.

The first section of the inline tool deburrs and pre-cleans the blade with an ion beam source. The second portion of the process chamber has magnetron sputter sources installed on each side of the substrate to simultaneously coat both sides.

This high-throughout inline tool has a load lock on each side that allows for fast loading and unloading.

Its modular design also allows for future process chamber upgrades, additions, or integration into other production lines.


  • Inline process chambers with linear substrate movement (left to right)
    • Chamber #1: ion beam sources on each side for blade deburring and surface pre-cleaning
    • Chamber #2: magnetron source on each side for double-sided coating of the substrates

Features and Benefits:

  • Deburring results in ultra-sharp blade edges
  • Carrier-based handling to address various substrate dimensions
  • High throughput in volume production:
    • Vertical layout enables double-sided processing
    • Two load-locks for fast loading and unloading procedure
    • Inline arrangement with multiple process chambers and roller track transport system


  • Tip shaping of razor blades, microtome blades or sharp medical tools (syringes) for a durable coating adhesion
  • Coating of adhesive and/or functional layers on razor blades and microtome blades

Deburring of blades by ion beam etching to create smoothed surface for better coating adhesion (left/pre – right/post)

Technical Specifications:

Substrate sizeIndividual sizes loaded on carrier
Carrier size up to 450 mm x 400 mm
Ion beam sourceTwo 380 mm linear microwave ECR sources (LIN380-e)
Sputter sourceTwo rotatable magnetrons with 680 mm lengt
Typical deposition rateSiO2: 85 nm x mm/s (dynamic rate)
Uniformity variation≤ 4 % (σ/mean)
Throughput12 Carrier/h ≈ 500,000 blades/h
Base pressure< 1 x 10-6 mbar
System dimension (W x D x H)6.10m x 1.60m x 1.95m
for 2 process chambers
(without electrical rack)
ConfigurationsInline system with several etching and coating chambers
Roller track transport system
2 load locks and 2 atmospheric stations for loading and unloading
Software interfacesSECS II / GEM, OPC