scia Cube 300 / 750

scia Cube 300
scia Cube 750

The scia Cube 300 and 750 are designed for large area high density plasma processes on 300x200mm and 750x750mm substrates, respectively.

The system is capable of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) or reactive ion etching (RIE). For PECVD, it is capable of high deposition rates across a wide range of parameters. For RIE with oxygen or halogen chemistry, it is capable of etching with high anisotropy with the possibility of optimizing selectivity.


scia Cube 300

scia Cube 750

Both Cube 300 and 750 systems operate with a plasma created by microwave sources. RF bias is applied to enhance the ion bombardment.

Features and Benefits:

Both Cube 300/ 750:

  • Large area processing with an array of synchronized linear microwave sources
  • Independent RF bias at substrate holder for energetic substrate bombardment
  • In-situ chamber cleaning process

Cube 300 Only:

  • Substrate cooling (-10 °C) or heating (850 °C)

Cube 750 Only:

  • Substrate face-down orientation for minimized particle load
  • Substrate cooling (-10 °C)
  • Option: Fully automated vacuum load lock and atmosphere stocker system


  • PECVD Processes
    • Deposition of dielectric films, e.g. encapsulation, barrier coatings, electric insulation (SiO2, Si3N4, …)
    • Optical and scratch resistant coatings (a-C:H, DLC)
    • Growing of nano-crystalline diamond and carbon nanotubes
  • RIE Processes
    • Reactive etching and structuring of metals (Ni, Cr, Pt, …)
    • Etching of gratings and other structures in optical materials (quartz, fused silica)
    • Ashing of photoresist

SEM image of grown synthesized boron doped diamond (BDD) layers processed at very low temperature (390°C) with growth rate of high-quality BDD up to 70 nm/h (courtesy of STU Bratislava).

SEM picture of structured computer generated hologram (CGH) on a quartz sample (courtesy of IMS Stuttgart).

Technical Specifications:

Cube 300Cube 750
Substrate size300mm x 200mm750mm x 750mm
Substrate holderWater-cooled, RF biasWater-cooled, RF bias
Substrate temperatureAlternatively cryo-cooling down to -10°C or heating up to 850°CAlternatively cryo-cooling down to -10°C
Plasma Source2 linear microwave sources (PL400), and/or,
RF parallel plate arrangement, 13.56 MHz
7 linear microwave source (PL1300), and/or,
RF parallel plate arrangement, 13.56 MHz
Typical deposition ratesDiamond: 30-70 nm/h
DLC: 7.5 nm/min
Typical etch ratesMetals: > 5 nm/min
SiO2: > 30 nm/min
Power supplyMW max power: 9 kW
RF max power: 0.6 kW
MW max power: 48 kW
RF max power: 3 kW
Base pressure< 1 x 10-6 mbar< 1 x 10-6 mbar
System dimension
(W x D x H)
1.30m x 1.90m x 1.50m
(without electrical rack and pumps)
3.70m x 2.50m x 2.00m
(without electrical rack and pumps)
ConfigurationsSingle chamber
Optional: single substrate load lock
Single chamber with single substrate load lock
Optional: atmospheric loading system with substrate stocking
Software interfacesSECS II / GEM, OPCSECS II / GEM, OPC